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What is a Survey?

Survey, we all know the word but what is it?

Land SurveyEveryone who has gone thorugh a real estate transaction knows the word “survey”, but what is it really. By definition a survey is a drawing of “real property” based on information discovered “on the ground.” On the ground means that the Surveyor has actually gone to the property and determined certain facts through a physical investigation of the land. In every real estate transaction a survey will be needed mainly to determine the property boundaries and whether there are any adverse matters. It is imperative that the purchaser make sure to receive and review the survey before purchasing any property.

These are the facts:

  • The surveyor will determine the precise location of the corners of the property by either using monuments or they will set new corner monuments. The monuments will help set up the dimensions which describe your property.
  • The precise location of all the improvements made to the land (home, shed, patio, etc) will be determined as they relate to the physical boundaries of the property.
  • Any easements, setback lines, or other matters will be notes as they relate to the physical boundaries of the property and all its improvements.
  • Once the surveyor has collected and noted all information, he then will determine whether or not there are any discrepancies, conflicts or shortages in the area of the property boundaries. If there are any encroachments or overlapping of improvements, you will be notifies. These are referred to “adverse matters”.

When is a survey of my property required?

  • If ever a lender is involved with a real estate transaction, a survey will need to be furnished. If the survey is not acceptable by the lender, a new survey will be ordered.
  • A lender will require the surveyor to determine whether the property is located in a floodplain or flood-prone area.
  • The lender will also want to be informed if there are any “adverse matters” on the property (encroachments, overlapping, etc.)
  • The title company will also require a new survey whenever there is a question in the accuracy of the metes and bounds description.

Who can prepare a survey on my property?

  • The surveyor must be a Registered Land Surveyor and licensed to prepare documents in the state that the property is located.
  • The surveyor must be acceptable to the lender (in the case that there is a lender involved) and to the title company
  • The title company may only order a survey with the written permission of the party responsible for payment.


Please feel free to email Terri with any other questions regarding surveys or the home buying/selling process.


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