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real estate stagingHome staging can actually make or break a home’s ability to sell. It is important to take the buyer’s perspective into account. Though your home set up may work for you and your family, you want to stage the home that shows of the diversity of the home.

  1. Try a theme for each room. It may help to use one room as an exercise room or a reading nook or a study. It helps buying to think of how they can use the rooms in different ways.
  2. Less is always best! When staging your home you want to focus on de-cluttering. We all live in different kinds of clutter and so make sure to define what is your clutter and downsize it. You also may want to consider moving very personal touches to the home. (Not saying you have to remove every family touch, but if there is an entire wall of photos you may want to downsize the amount of photos displayed.)
  3. Don’t spend a fortune setting up your home. Instead of spending money on a bunch of new items, try and work with the items you already have in the home. You can do things such as rearrange furniture and decor to change an entire room.
  4.  Paint, paint, paint. Painting can do wonders for a home. Whether it is changing bold/loud colors to more neutral or just refreshing the walls with a new coat of paint, it makes all the difference to the buyers. Freshly painted walls make the whole house seems cleaner and newer to the buyer’s eyes.
  5. Get others opinions and be open minded. Get opinions from friends, family and your Realtor. These people can really help you see the home from others perspective. Every person is going to have new, fresh ideas to give you so use them as a resource. It is very important that if these people do help by giving constructive ideas and changes that can be made, do not take them personally. When people share ideas or opinions about staging your home, they are giving you perspective they are not attacking you as a homeowner, so be open minded.


Selling a home can be a stressful time for some people. Using a Realtor can help de-stress this major decision. Call 210-887-3477 or email Terri for more information about selling and staging your home. You can also click on any of the following links on information about buying, selling or renting a home.


Seller Information

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Property Management– not looking to sell? If instead you would like to manage your home and rent it out there is more information here.

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