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Deer-Proof Landscaping

deer proof landscapingHave you tried and tried to keep the Deer off your plants but they keep coming back? Have you even tried purchasing “deer resistant” plants for your landscape and they still come around to feed on your perfectly manicured yard? Deer are creatures of habit. Once they establish that your lawn is tasty they will make repeat visits over and over again. To a hungry white-tailed deer your beautiful landscape can look like a Thanksgiving feast. Even “deer resistant” plants will be appetizing to those who are hungry enough.


Deer are creatures of habit, much like humans, but here are some tips that may deter them from their current routine of eating your landscaping:

  • Cage it– in order to protect your new plants look into making a protective cage for them. Mostly new plants will need this cage because it will allow their roots to get strong and be able to resist being torn from the ground. Click Here for some samples of a plant cage.
  • Set up roadblocks– putting up some pokey or spiny cacti plants can help deter the deer. Agave, Beargrass, and Sotol make great examples for these kinds of plants. You can also visit the SAWS website to find more ideas of cacti to use when deer-proofing your landscaping.
  • Keep the deer-favorite plants by the house– keeping the favorites by the house will keep the deer from coming too close because they are skittish. Also you can set up some roadblocks from the above bullet to stop deer from getting to them.
  • Plant pungent perennials– planting a pungent perennial will help keep the deer from entering your lawn because they rely mostly on their sense of smell .If you plant some herbs such as garlic or chives or mint of lavender, it can mask the appealing aroma of other plants.
  • Create levels– deer are not avid climbers. Therefore, adding a terrace or sunken bed can discourage them from eating the plants in these areas. If you have a lot of land some people will actually stack pallets because deer are afraid to walk onto them.
  • Add noise and lights– sometimes all it will take is some scare tactics. Adding wind chimes or garden ornaments can make deer more skittish to enter your yard. Also bright lights or motion senor lights can be a great way to scare the deer from feeding on your lawn.
  • String fishing line around prized plants– have a plant the deer love as much as you? Take some fishing line and create some barriers. The deer won’t be able to grasp the concept that it is only line. They will get confused and choose to switch to some other plant or yard.
Remember that hungry deer will eat anything. Using these methods you may be able to deter the deer from your new plantings and landscaping. If you have any other ways of keeping the deer off your lawn leave a comment below for others to try!


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